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Firm Flashbacks

A Year to Remember

What a year this has been. Over the course of the past 52 weeks, it’s been our privilege to share some of the stories that have made up McAfee & Taft’s illustrious 70-year history. On this last Flashback Friday of 2022, we take a look back at the grand year-long celebration in a highlights retrospective.

We’ve shared stories of our founders and early partners and staff…

… stories of history-makers and trailblazers, including the unintentional ones

… stories of camaraderie, collaboration, and collegiality

… stories of innovation and excellence, of big wins and defining moments

… Stories to make us laugh and stories with heart.

So many stories, in fact, that we needed a whole book … and website … and a video series to capture and retell those stories.

It was a formidable task to capture, compile, document and recount more than seven decades’ worth of McAfee & Taft history — memories, photos, and memorabilia — so that we might properly remember, honor, and celebrate those who came before us… and those who laid the foundation for the firm’s enduring legacy of distinction, innovation, and collaboration. And to celebrate with all those who have carried on that legacy.

Dozens of interviews with past and present attorneys, staff and relatives of the firm’s founders, along with hundreds of historical photos, documents and artifacts, recount the rich history of the firm, its people, and its enduring legacy 70 years in the making.

So what does the future hold?   

Stay tuned … we’re still making history.