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Firm Flashbacks

Inaugural Kenneth E. McAfee Heritage Award Honoree: Terry Barrett

When firm co-founder Kenneth McAfee retired from the full-time practice of law, he entrusted many of his oil and gas clients, as well as his treasure trove of personal and firm memorabilia, to partner Terry Barrett.

Terry took great care in looking after both.

So when the firm made the decision to embark on a multi-year project to formally compile and chronicle McAfee & Taft’s history in written and video format in time to celebrate its 70th anniversary in 2022, the project’s researchers, writers and producers knew actually where to turn first: Terry Barrett. Not only had he saved and preserved Mr. Mac’s entire collection of historical documents, photos, and memorabilia, but he had added greatly to it — his most important contributions being the hundreds of memories and stories he gathered and generously shared over the course of his 50-year association with the firm.

It was this collection of historical and personal memories and memorabilia that served as the foundation and launching point for McAfee & Taft’s 70th anniversary history project.

“The firm owes a great debt to Terry Barrett,” said retired attorney Mark Burget, the firm’s first managing director. He credits Terry with taking it upon himself to gather as much of the firm’s history as he could, and for intentionally reaching out and having conversations with the firm’s co-founders and early partners in order to preserve those stories.

In grateful appreciation for both his love of the firm and his work to preserve its history, McAfee & Taft honored Terry Barrett with its inaugural Kenneth E. McAfee Heritage Award at the firm’s 70th Anniversary Celebration on August 20, 2022.

“The Heritage Award going to Terry is the perfect result of a life given to a firm,” said attorney and former managing director Richard Nix.